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Who Is The Security Storage Ruler? Contest Between DVR And NVR
Oct 27, 2017

As we all know, the digital hard disk video recorder is connected with the analog monitor camera, for short, DVR; the network hard disk video recorder is connected with the network surveillance camera, or NVR. What is the difference between the two, let us know the following.

Appearance similarity interface is the similarities and differences

Intuitive look at the front of two hard disk recorders, it is difficult to distinguish between the two different. But focusing on the back of the two devices, you can quickly distinguish. This is because the digital video interface of the back of the video recorder, the interface is BNC connector, each interface can connect a simulation monitor camera, plug and play, is very convenient, and the back of the network hard disk video recorder is not video interface, if you want to achieve a number of monitoring camera access, need to switch with the use of.

Price level market demand

In terms of price, digital hard disk video recorder price does have a certain advantage, through the electricity supplier website, a number of entry-level DVR price at around 300 yuan will be able to buy. And meet the same requirements of network hard disk video recorder price is to double the price, the price gap between some of the requirements of the project is not high, DVR may become the first choice.

Wiring simple NVR significant advantages

In the price, DVR does take the initiative, but in the integrated wiring, DVR obvious performance". If users want to increase the way to simulate the monitoring camera, you need to reproduce the wiring, it seems that the workload is not large, but the actual operation is really not simple. And NVR in increasing the monitoring points has a good performance, network monitoring camera can rely on the existing cable, to avoid duplication of the line of the problem, just the cable can be directly connected to the switch, the operation is simple and convenient.

Because the cable of the analog monitor camera is 75 coaxial cable, the digital hard disk video recorder can not meet the long distance transmission, while the cable is the cable. Applicable to the relative complexity of the project, such as: factories, schools, etc..

Data security into focus

Data security has always been the focus of security companies, for the data is not encrypted, there is a big loophole in the network transmission process, which is not the NVR inside the data is not safe? Security vendors through AES stream encryption, user rights and other mechanisms to ensure the security of the network transmission process, to dispel the user's inner security risks, in order to prevent data security vulnerabilities.

In system integration, both of the performance is also very obvious. Digital hard disk video recorder system is relatively closed, difficult and other system integration, in the network the trend evident in the phenomenon of "left behind". While the NVR system is relatively open, in order to ensure data security, can be connected to the physical connection, and then match the corresponding network protocol, it can easily achieve the transmission of data with other systems.

According to the currently market point of view, NVR to completely replace DVR there is a certain degree of difficulty, but monitoring storage to the network development must be the trend of the future, but from the user's needs consideration, may 22 combination is the best "ending", NVR can swept the market, let us wait and see!

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