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What Is The Difference Between A High-definition Webcam And A SDI Camera?
Apr 13, 2018

What is the difference between a high-definition webcam and a SDI camera? Here's a look at the difference between the two:

1. Basic functions of camera with low illumination and wide dynamic.

The current SDI camera USES a large number of CCD imaging chips, and the CCD chip is better than CMOS, and the monitoring effect of the night is better. Existing high-definition image sensor sensitivity is not too ideal, in dark night occasion to capture the image effect is poorer, therefore, enhance the image sensor performance is very important. Besides improve photosensitive chip performance of low illumination, it is using the infrared technology, thermal imaging technology to obtain the ideal image effect, such as monitoring effect is improved, so that night to make 24 hours monitoring more perfect, more efficient. And SDI cameras and high-definition webcams have room for improvement.

2. Video quality.

SDI cameras and high-definition webcams can reach the level of 720P/1080P, and even SDI cameras can provide a higher transmission frame rate, which can generally reach the real-time image acquisition of 30-60 frames per second. Moreover, SDI camera has the features of higher resolution, higher resolution, richer color and so on, which can meet the demands of user's hd monitoring. Currently, as a special monitoring devices for the high-end security market, the SDI camera for its excellent quality in image quality and characteristics of the system structure is simple, make it in some special industry will have a good application prospect.

3. Video transmission.

The transmission distance of the SDI camera is very limited. It can only transmit about 100 meters. The biggest difference is that webcams can be transmitted as long as they rely on the network. Moreover, due to the large amount of data collected by the front-end SDI camera, the transmission process is not codec compression, which poses a great challenge to the storage of data. However, hd network camera adopts h.264 compression algorithm, which can save transmission bandwidth and storage space very well.

To sum up, high-definition webcams and SDI cameras have their own applications and focus. They are complementary rather than substitute. The reoptimization of video compression algorithm of network camera has high quality and low code rate, which is still the key point of its performance improvement. For the SDI camera to obtain larger application space, transmission distance is likely to be the bottleneck, so the SDI camera transmission distance for breakthrough, only by constantly meet user requirements, SDI cameras can have a broader development prospects. All, whether or network camera (sd or hd), or SDI cameras, low illumination, such as wide dynamic camera should possess high performance for both the basic is the need to constantly improve.