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What Are The Precautions For Installation And Commissioning Of Network Camera
Dec 23, 2017

In general, security monitoring system installed in hd network camera and ordinary camera installation and debugging method of the basic same, but must pay attention to the good shot selection, or matching is bad, because of the bad quality of the lens will greatly affect the definition of the images;
Such as infrared night vision system of cameras had better choose the infrared camera, and a third of an inch general with 1/3 inch lens, CCD 1/2 inch general with 1/2 inch lens, CCD lens focus when installation debugging must adjust good, especially the back focal plane of the camera to alignment, the focus of most of the time the camera will cause image fuzzy, could not reach the requirements of high-definition.
Also cannot ignore other camera shield, the front end of the gun type shield glass cannot adopt the general flat glass, and must use good optical glass, ordinary flat glass on the interpretation of the image force has a very much weakened effect, choose spherical cover more should pay attention to, the curvature of the spherical must transition is smooth, it is best not to put on the upper edge of the spherical shell, the force is bigger, the refraction of light even seriously affect the image clarity. It is very important, that is, no matter what kind of cover shell, the lower the cover in the best light, the better, the lens to cover the distance as short as possible, so that can make the camera light pollution reduced to a minimum, to improve image clarity.