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What Are The Features Of The Store's Hd Webcam?
Apr 17, 2018

With the popularity of high-definition webcams, the range of applications has expanded from government units and large projects to families and shops. With its clear image and convenient remote monitoring functions, high-definition webcams are more popular with the store. What are the features of hd cameras?

Goods stores generally are based on display is given priority to, install surveillance cameras need to see customers' activities to prevent the guest stolen goods, to see the customer's payment, of course, the management of the employee and security guard against theft.

Based on the above requirements, the need to use 960 p for network camera, can make the image more clear, and can monitor to the wider scope, installation location is mainly at the checkout aisle, and the door of the supermarket. Network camera also need to have a remote browsing capabilities, can be in any place by computer or mobile phone for real-time video browsing, some higher requirements of the supermarket, you can also use hd webcam can rotate. The store should have a wired broadband network to ensure the effective transmission of remote monitoring. It is suitable for the hd network camera of store and home. It has the functions of rotating, wireless and plug-in card, good quality and low price. Welcome to choose!