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Uncover NVR Fog: NVR Is Not A Replacement For DVR
Oct 27, 2017

In recent years, many traditional or emerging video surveillance products suppliers have launched their own NVR products or product series, a time on the market is filled with a variety of NVR's argument and concept. What exactly is NVR? Is just a DVR replacement? Or is it in the form of a product that is in the form of a trend that is in the development of a high definition? Where is the real value of NVR? To make clear these problems, we need to return to the essence of the problem and the core - demand.

NVR fog

NVR (NetworkVideoRecorder) network video recorder, is a product form gradually rising in the last two years. Its main function is to record the network video stream, and provide video on demand and other functions. If we trace the origin of the NVR concept, it will be found that it is not a long time later than DVR. However, NVR has only recently entered our field of vision, the reason is due to the NVR as a network camera of the back end supporting products, with the rise of the network camera in recent years, its value is gradually concerned.

For the development of the network camera industry has almost reached a consensus, however, for the understanding of NVR and its future development ideas, the industry has rarely the same voice. At the present situation to analyze, on the one hand is a large number of manufacturers, and their respective market positioning, technical level and technical background are not the same. On the other hand is a variety of ways to achieve the NVR - a pure software form of NVR software, a pure hardware form of embedded NVR, as well as disk array features to show the memory of NVR, the size of a small number of road to a single NVR to the platform level NVR-Server...... It is difficult to sum up with a unified standard or form. Finally, from the point of view, some manufacturers in accordance with industry and technology development law, the NVR as a product system of its own need to complement and improve long-term planning, and some manufacturers will be as a short-term profit growth point, eager to open up the battlefield in this new battlefield".

All this makes the situation of NVR, All flowers bloom together. contention of a hundred schools of thought on the market today. This situation is vaguely some of the shadow when DVR just started. But experience tells us that any kind of product, regardless of its positioning, what is given the advanced concept, its core value should be based on user needs as the center, otherwise it is difficult to get rid of the fate of being eliminated.