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UAVs Are Rapidly Evolving In Agriculture And Entertainment
Dec 28, 2018

Recently, Huawei's XLABs affiliated with mlab and Peking University Market and Media Research Center conducted an online survey to survey 1,000 ordinary consumers and domain professionals in 20 first-tier/second-tier/third-tier cities in China (of which: ordinary consumers focus on the market). Potential, cognition, interest, and expectation; domain professionals focus on deeper content such as gain, implementation paths, key technologies, challenges, and more. Designed for 5G mobile communications to understand consumer needs, attitudes and expectations for vertical industry applications (smart factory/driver/civil drone/telemedicine), providing consumers and solutions for 5G network deployments the supporting data of the perspective. The study included four parts: “Smart Factory”, “Driving Cars”, “Unmanned Aircraft” and “Remote Medical”. This report is “Unmanned Aerials”, focusing on market awareness (cognition, cognitive channels, application domain cognition), application status (flight over space, demand satisfaction, scenic experience) In-depth insights into willingness and expenditure, willingness to express experience, and future perspectives (development space, time to market, development potential, communication standards, 5G's advantages in the field of drones, challenges). According to the research data, 2/3 of consumers can accept drones flying over tourist attractions and suburbs/outskirts, but only 20% of consumers can accept drones flying over living and working areas such as units and residential areas. The 10% industry penetration rate of drones takes an average of 5-8 years, and will be the first in the field of agricultural production and entertainment aerial photography (average 5.7 years and 6.1 years respectively). In addition, in the field of security, remote sensing telemetry and logistics express delivery, although the future prospects are broad, it takes longer to achieve 10% industry penetration rate (average 7.9, 7.5 and 7.8 years respectively). As for the communication standard of drones: 5G is the most optimistic, and in the future it is more likely that multiple communication standards coexist. 34.6% of people know about drones, and 61.9% know at least 3 UAV applications. The UAV market awareness rate is 79.4%, of which 34.6% know about drones. In addition, 61.9% of people know at least three UAV applications, especially in entertainment aerial photography and remote sensing mapping.