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UAV System Power Inspection Solution
Jan 04, 2019

With the rapid development of the economy, the demand for energy is increasing, and the ultra-high voltage and large-capacity power lines are being greatly expanded. The power line corridors need to go through a variety of complex geographical environments, most of which have passed through large areas of reservoirs, lakes and mountains, which have brought many difficulties to the detection of power lines. In addition, for power lines crossing the edge of the original forest, high altitude, snow-covered areas, there are some geological disasters such as frequent landslides and mudslides along the line. Most areas have steep slopes, which make the daily routine of power lines when traffic and communication are extremely underdeveloped. Detection becomes a difficult task.


The traditional power line and pipeline inspection process is that the staff personally visits the site to inspect the line. The inspection targets are mainly facilities, towers, wires, transformers, insulators, crossarms, knife gates, etc., and the inspection is recorded in paper medium. Then manually enter the computer. Therefore, the inspection is affected by many human factors, which will endanger the life safety of the line workers in dangerous areas, and the amount of manual data input is large, and the data is easily mistaken during manual entry. At the same time, it is impossible for the staff to patrol in place. Management, inspection quality cannot be guaranteed, the safety of the line is not guaranteed, leaving a security risk.

At present, drones have gradually spread from military applications to police and civilian use. For manned aircraft, drones have low manufacturing costs, low flight costs, safe flight control personnel, flexible mobility, diversified functions, and mission deployment. Fast speed, over-the-horizon automatic driving and other advantages. The use of unmanned aircraft to inspect power lines over a large area has a good application effect on early warning of natural disasters such as freezing. At the same time, high-precision video equipment is used to observe visible and infrared thermal imaging of the line, and accurate observation can be made by observing and identifying and comparing relevant data. The occurrence of power equipment failures ensures the effective operation of power facilities. Using drones for line inspection will greatly reduce inspection costs, improve inspection efficiency, and ensure the safety of inspection personnel.

The operation of the UAV power inspection system mainly uses the mission load: visible light video (VTR), distance photography (Photography), infrared thermal imaging, insulator detection, etc. to detect the inspection target or line, and the acquired remote sensing data can be performed. : Grid line barriers, grid line connectors are loose, missing and worn, insulators are deteriorated, cracked and dirty, parts are incorrectly overlapped, spacers are loose and damaged, wires and ground wires are worn, wires and fittings are damaged inside, wires Connection point overheating, etc.