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The Use Of Network Camera
Dec 23, 2017

With the rapid development of network, network products gradually cover all corners of our life. The development and innovation of webcams are widely used in many fields, such as education, business, medical and public utilities
In Banks, supermarkets, companies, and even some families use of common audio and video camera surveillance system is gradually replaced by webcam, all the content of the film will directly spread on the Internet. You can sit at home or anywhere on the Internet and see photos or dynamic images of public or private updates.
The ability of the elderly and the child is generally poor, and it is easy to be dangerous if there is no one in attendance, especially in the kindergarten, the old people's court, etc. In these places installed webcams, care managers can be informed of their activities, their family can also be used in the home through the network camera to understand the current situation of the family, let parents can rest assured.
With the development of social economy, the company is becoming more and more business between each branch activity is very frequent, as business leaders often need to travel around the touring subsidiaries, to participate in all kinds of business activities, have a webcam, were anywhere can also through the network, timely, intuitive grasp of the situation of the company, factory. Because of the influence of the peripheral environment, so the network camera is suitable for indoor. The outdoor network cameras, professional CCD photosensitive chip is used the hemisphere shield, waterproof and resistance to high temperature, light, infrared night vision; Can adapt to the hostile outdoor environment and support wireless routing.