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The Intelligent Function Of Network Camera
Dec 23, 2017

Video shade
In a large security monitoring system, the most likely to be viewed or viewed by the monitoring center is dozens of video images. If the system in a certain way video image obscured or missing, mostly along the way the camera by artificial barrier or damage or failure itself (e.g., to cut off the power supply circuit or power supply damage problem, etc.), etc., and the personnel on duty can be difficult to detect in the first place, it is likely to bring significant security hidden danger. But when the system has the video block or loss of video detection intelligent identification and prediction of perception/alarm function, the attendant can according to the audible and visual alarm to view and handle the first time, which can eliminate video image obscured or loss caused by the safe hidden trouble.
Video conversion
In general network security monitoring system, when some video image transformation for all the way (that is, not the original set of fortified point of the video image range), which are mostly criminals committing crimes to the original fortified point and move the camera or camera by the vibration of the larger mobile, such as the personnel on duty at the first time is difficult to find. But when the system has a video transform to detect the perception of recognition and pre/intelligent alarm function, the attendant is able to see in the first place according to the sound and light alarm and processing, which can eliminate video transformation caused by the safe hidden trouble.
Video fuzzy
In intelligent security monitoring system, when detecting some video image blur all the way, which may be the camera is moving (i.e., the focal length is missing), caused by the original the video image fuzzy set, can automatically start the video, fixed-point display and pre/alarm. In this way, the on-duty personnel will be able to check and deal with the security risk for the first time.
Of course, in a high-speed ball or an integrator, you can also configure fast (t or 1s) automatic focusing system to solve. Network camera precautions
1, it is obvious that the image quality, image quality is any one of the important performance index of a camera, especially in some relationship to the life and property security of applications, the importance of image quality is more important. If the camera could not provide a high quality video images, then discusses other factors and features becomes meaningless. Ultra clear image quality and enables users to more accurately track details of the image and changes, and be able to better and faster to make a decision, which can provide more effective protection of persons and property. For automatic image analysis and alarm tools (such as camera built-in intelligent mobile detection and other functions, etc.) to say, super clear image quality can greatly enhance their accuracy analysis and alarm.