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The Game Has Regrets, But More Is The Harvest
Jan 09, 2019


The game has regrets, but more is the harvest.
For this team from the depths of the desert, they are not just bringing innovation to an academic exchange and being tested by the competition. What is more important is that through this competition, in the "100 schools of thought", we will draw on the leaders of the people and "learn from" the military and technical talents of all parties who are at the forefront of the times.
Through this competition, they learned more about the development of new military technologies, deepened their understanding of intelligent unmanned equipment, and finally brought back their experience and achievements to the training ground, returned to actual combat, and explored the combat potential of new equipment. We will transform innovation into real fighting power.


Leader Li Bo talked about the outlook for the future. "The next step we will start with machine vision and Bionic control and continue to carry out innovative research. In terms of positioning technology support, we will also strive to get rid of the dependence on foreign technology systems and strive to use our domestic Beidou positioning system. "
The only player who participated as an active non-commissioned officer, Liyongquan, said confidently: "We have achieved good results this time, but this is far from the end. We will continue to move toward the goal of victory! "
This team still has a long way to go, but the future of the stars and the sea is theirs.