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The Development Direction Of Network Camera
Dec 23, 2017

The term hd, which began with high-definition television, became popular years ago. Surveillance industry, however, truly to large-scale application is two years since the 2010's, this basically is the rapid development of monitoring technology, including coding technology, network technology, transmission technology, storage technology, such as hd monitor, the overall technology scheme is also gradually mature, gradually accepted by users; Of course, users' changes to monitoring requirements have also played a positive role in promoting high definition.
After the establishment of ONVIF and PSIA, the alliance of HDcctv has also been established, thus forming the three standards of the current network video monitoring market. The establishment of these organizations is the hope that in the Internet era, the vision of realizing unified monitoring standards will be realized. ONVIF, for example, is the hope that through global open interface standards to promote the application of network video in the security market, this interface standards would ensure that different manufacturer production network video products have interoperability. Founded in August 2008 PSIA entity security exchange alliance, aims to physical security systems hardware and software platform to create a standardized interface, make different security system based on IP network has compatibility. The HDcctv Alliance (HDcctv Alliance) are mainly established jointly by chip manufacturers and system suppliers, mainly for High quality monitoring system (High Definition Surveillance Systems) developed by the new standard, by looking through the new standard, development easier to configure, cheaper network solutions.
Because the IP megapixel camera can provide more key details, this can make the intelligent analysis based on video achieve higher precision and greatly improve the level of intelligent application. In some segment of the market is growing rapidly, such as transportation, intelligent product development and application of related is relatively mature, such as road conditions analysis, traffic statistics, license plate recognition, retrograde, press the yellow line, parking, including traffic monitoring, and capture of illegal act, has been widely used.
High-definition camera relative to the ordinary camera light-sensitive chips, on the same size have multiplied several pixels, hence the sensitive point size corresponding ratio decreases, so the same exposure conditions, high-definition camera relative to the normal pixel camera low illumination performance will be much worse. This means that the intensity of the infrared refill requirement at night is much higher than the normal pixel infrared camera.
Different from traditional analog camera, IP mega pixel cameras involves the category of IT, as a result, network cameras and analog cameras in use have bigger difference, especially for the operator and the use of personnel have higher requirements. For most domestic engineering contractor, integrators and users, they are very familiar with the traditional CCTV system, the network camera is still in the early stages of use, so the network cameras on the development and design, should consider the characteristics of these people, on the ease of use of the convenience of installation and use should be fully reflected, such as support PoE power supply, local video output, and convenient and local debugging, support wireless capabilities, etc.