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Technology Trends Of Network Camera
Dec 23, 2017

High resolution
In terms of resolution, the development of network cameras can be said to be thousands of miles a day, in addition to market has appeared more megapixels, one of the dominant group 1.3 million pixels, 1.3 million pixels, 3 million pixels, 5 million pixels, 8 million pixels network camera products have appeared in the market, even never and ever more pixels products also started the horizon in the surveillance industry. It can be said that people will never stop when they seek to see more clearly.
With the development of technology, the performance of CMOS sensor is improving rapidly. CMOS sensor has faster response speed than CCD, so it is more suitable for high quality data. Perspective from the market, the traditional manufacturers SONY CCD has started to move the focus to the CMOS sensor, in its production of hd webcam is almost all used the CMOS sensor, this might be as a stage victory of CMOS sensor.
The ISP (Image Signal Processing) can greatly reduce the system cost and greatly enhance the stability of video and improve the performance of the Image in optics. This will play an important role in improving the imaging quality of hd webcams.
Intelligent analysis
In hd IP camera have been implemented or are implementing the intelligent analysis functions are: video shade and lost video detection, video detection, video fuzzy detection, video motion detecting, the number statistics, population movement and congestion identification, left recognition, intrusion recognition, and so on. These features appear to be much less useful than past intelligence analysis, but more practical.
Whether it is ONVIF or PSIA, it is the standard that the enterprise spontaneously organizes, but it is very important to get more and more enterprises' response. In the next few years, standardization will be a passport to the market for high-definition webcams.