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Several Features Of Video Monitoring And Development.
Apr 17, 2018

On August 1, 2014, after the national standard management committee, by the national security alarm system standardization technical committee (SAC/TC100) under centralized and organize the drafting of national standard GB/T30147-2013 "security monitoring equipment real-time intelligent video analysis technology requirements and GB/T30148-2013" security alarm equipment emc immunity requirements and test methods, this very day. Security monitoring video real-time intelligent analysis equipment technical requirements is the first national standard of video intelligent analysis in China. Specifies the function of security monitoring equipment real-time intelligent video analysis, performance, interface, electromagnetic compatibility, environmental adaptability, test methods, inspection rule, etc, is embedded real-time intelligent video analysis equipment design, production, inspection. This standard is applicable to the embedded video real-time intelligent analysis used in the security monitoring system. In the era of digital surveillance, video analysis is the inevitable result of video monitoring technology development and security market demand. Over the past year and more, monitoring video analysis technology development and application presents new features:

1. More and more basic intelligent functions, such as behavioral analysis, are gradually transferred to the camera.

2, complex intelligent analysis began to closely combined with cloud computing, big data, such as safe city, intelligent transportation and other large projects, video retrieval, vehicle retrieval, face retrieval, and other products can be combined with cloud computing, big data for application;

3, from intelligent products gradually mature, the market acceptance, the application begins to increase gradually, such as license plate recognition in intelligent traffic, fail to stop forensics capture, etc., and aimed at an ATM machine in the financial industry, such as foreign body paste, install the card reader and so on. Now intelligent video analysis technology application has covered transportation, safe campus public security police, prisons, and other fields, video monitoring technology with the rapid development of the security monitoring demand, has experienced the following three different stages of development:

1. Simulated video monitoring, also called CCTV monitoring. It has been in the security market for more than ten years since China began to contact video monitoring in the 1980s. A large number of applications in cities, finance, troops, public security, transportation and other important units and departments. Is through the analog signal will monitor the camera video signal transmission to the monitoring center, monitoring center through the video distributor and synthetic equipment will be in simulated display device, such as television video signal output, and through the video tape equipment for video or save. It belongs to the first generation of monitoring equipment.

2, digital monitoring system, from the mid 90 s 20th century development, give priority to with DVR digital hard disk video recorder, replaced the long time delay of the original video tape recorder, the original tape storage model into a digital video storage, solved the analog to digital video monitoring and display, integrated the function of video recorder, image segmentation, etc, take the first step of digital surveillance.

3, IP digital monitoring system, starting in 2010, has four or five years, however, its development much faster than the analog monitor, at present has become the mainstream of the video monitoring equipment, adopting digital network signal, by the network cable to replace the traditional video coaxial line, give priority to with NVR embedded hard disk video recorder, combined with the integrated IP and the video monitoring function, can obtain high clear image effect, is to simulate monitoring image 4-10 times, and can freely through the LAN and Internet remote transmission and watch, greatly expand the scope of the video monitoring means, is the backbone in the later years.