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Personal Interpretation Of The Future Development Of Intelligent Network Cameras.
Apr 13, 2018

In recent years, with the high-speed development of the Internet, either move the 4 g network construction, and healthy development of domestic cable network bandwidth, for the domestic industry with the development of the technology has a good effect. In the field of security, intelligent network camera for a period of time in the past have not been able to truly realize the universal commercial, causes the network bandwidth, high cost and the video image quality can't very well meet the requirements to provide basic resources for intelligence analysis, is based on the network conditions and coding, high-definition video, solve the technical problems, the development of network cameras monitoring technology has been a major breakthrough, analog IP network has become a trend, the market is also gradually from analog camera to network camera development of the mainstream.

The shape of a smart webcam.

Intelligent network camera is the traditional camera and video coding compression, video analysis, and other functions integrated together, the digital video signal compression and video analysis to achieve more purposes. Video digital signal is transmitted via the network switch via IP network and recorded on NVR or server equipped with video management software. Compared with the analog video camera, the image quality is more stable and the power consumption is low. Also, we use the network video system composed of intelligent network camera is a fully digital system, the video signal monitoring scene, from the network camera continuously transmitted through IP network, it is convenient to no matter where your visitors are, the camera can give visitors to provide stable image quality.

What are the pros and cons of a smart webcam?

We are analyzing the quality of an item, the demand for it, and its popularity in the market, as well as the smart webcams. Analog camera pixels are hundreds of thousands of most in the past, and now, such as hd concept gradually into the mind of the consumer, the growing demand for hd, driven by demand, there are many manufacturers launched a 2 million, 3 million, or more pixels of hd intelligent network camera, the image quality is clear and high compression ratio, has gone far beyond the conventional monitoring picture quality, powerful and monitoring, and can be integrated to identify, search, track and other technology, and the traditional analog camera is unable to meet this need. Efficient, of course, also inevitably corresponds to the high cost problem, intelligent network cameras on the infrastructure and the investment of the system itself to be higher than normal, particularly in second - and third-tier cities today, basic network is not perfect, it is effect for ordinary users to buy one of the main reasons.

The security of network intelligent camera cannot be ignored. The network intelligent camera USES network transmission, hierarchical management, processing and storage data, while analog cameras transmit video information using coaxial cable, usually without encryption and authentication mechanism. In this case, as long as you can know the location of video cable, you can also see the video images transmitted through the connection. For network video system, network cameras on the collected video signals can be encrypted, first and then transmitted through the network, can ensure that only the specific network cameras can access system, thus effectively avoid the false authorized personnel or tamper with the monitoring information. In addition to security, it is easy to install and can be placed in a mature area of the network infrastructure, without additional wiring, and significantly reduced costs.

The future development of intelligent network camera.

At present, the foreign market has a large number of network video monitoring system, its intelligence level is also gradually improving. At present, domestic intelligent analysis and monitoring market development, its market needs to develop, but the growth rate is faster. For intelligent network camera technology, the individual thinks: "smart camera technology will be developed in the future two contrary trend: high precision apparatus of camera and relying on the backend support the general class of camera. The high precision apparatus (industry) camera usage scenarios for traffic more recognition and financial alert classes, such as license plate recognition in intelligent transportation, financial protection of face recognition, trajectory tracking, etc.

This is not only the requirement for the production facilities of the product, but also the professional requirements of the operator. As a result, smart cameras will gradually be equipped with professional qualifications to understand the industry needs of large and medium-sized enterprises, and their products will become more targeted and industry application characteristics. In addition, general-purpose cameras supported by the back end will become the mainstream of future smart cameras. The reason is that the technical threshold is relatively low, bulk larger and lower input. In practical application, an intelligent analysis module is usually added to the existing network monitoring program, which can run independently and can cooperate with the overall operation of the system. In other words, consumer does not need to transform the original equipment environment can have the ability of intelligent analysis, let all the camera into a smart camera, this method is more advantageous to move forward and upgrade, the transformation of the project."