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Network Hd Monitoring System Construction Considerations
Apr 17, 2018

Network high-definition monitor development today, has been popular, but a lot of researchers at the time of construction will encounter this or that kind of problem, so in the network high-definition monitor system of the construction we must pay attention to what issues?

1. Selection of the switch: 5 points (including 5 points, 1080P or above) please use the full gigabit network switch; Single front end switches connected to the IPC number no more than four, correlates of eight switches can be used, such as more than four please use 8 mouth full gigabit switches, because the front switch to the computer room just use a cable to transmit between main replacement, if the load of the IPC number too prone to packet loss, dropped frames, time delay, caton phenomenon;

2, make backup: before construction should be all network ball machine in this system, network cameras and NVR, computer controller, storage server, streaming media server, hd decoder, such as the management server IP address changes and registration, must pay attention to avoid and local network equipment (such as computers, network printer) in the lithosphere has an IP address conflict;

3, completes the registration: all devices in the network system (including the original equipment) please don't set to automatically obtain IP address mode, all manually set the IP address, clock register good;

4. Avoid IP conflicts: if there are wireless routers in the network system, please pay attention to whether the IP address of the mobile phone and tablet in the wireless network system is in conflict;

5, cable selection: national standard can be used between network high-definition cameras to the front end switches over five kind of cables, and the front end switches to the room between the main switch please use gb six kind of cables and six crystal head; Ball machine, network cameras to the front-end switches, such as adopting international super 5 kinds of tape screened cable lines suggest that had better not more than 80 meters long, such as the six class USES the international line preferably not more than 100 meters;

6. The distance between the network hd camera and the main control room: the main switch between the hd network ball machine and the hd IPC to the machine room can only be used once in the network switch; If the distance is greater than 100 meters, the optical fiber can be used to receive the transmission. Please use a light or two or a photoelectric fiber optic transceiver.

7. Main switchboard of the machine room: please do not select the switchboard with management type, unless there are engineers who are familiar with the set management switch, or the system is relatively large. Must choose a big brand all gigabit switches, and must not be loaded with work, such as 24 mouth full gigabit switches actually use generally don't use more than 20 mouth, because the network high-definition monitor data quantity is large and is constantly transmitting data, to the processing requirement of the switches is higher, if appear when a switch with a lot of points to delay, the phenomenon of caton can try to increase a switch's way to solve it.

8. Network monitoring engineering scope: it can determine the number of hd network camera type and hd network camera for the range of coverage. In a project, the selection of the lens is very important, it depends on whether the customer needs to see the coverage of the coverage;

9. Network monitoring project object: the monitoring object determines the location of the viewfinder, the location of the network camera and the type of camera required, and the monitoring object has a fine picture and a general observation graph. Subtle images are good for identifying people or specific targets, such as human faces, certificates, and sales store monitoring; The general observation graph is mainly to monitor the whole scene or scene flow situation. The monitoring target determines the viewfinder range, camera location and the type of camera required;

10. Network monitoring engineering environment: because the indoor and outdoor light is different, the sensitivity and lighting effects should be considered. Infrared lamp can be used in outdoor environment, and some need to use day and night surveillance camera. If you're indoors, you don't have to worry about that much, just take into account the lighting effect. In addition to outdoor, it should consider the relevant factors of dustproof, moisture-proof, waterproof and anti-damage. Can be used in dark environment, for example, the function of low illumination cameras, can be used under the environment of uneven distribution of light wide dynamic camera function, can be used in a bayonet environment professional according to license plate camera function, can be used under the environment of the elevator elevator cameras, etc. Because some places consider the need to install hidden millions of high-definition webcams for certain reasons. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the choice of a surveillance camera that is not concealed or concealed.

11, intelligent video and event management: video products through a network of video based on event trigger input port and function of intelligent video recording, save bandwidth and storage space, unless the alarm/event, needn't to on-site monitoring of all surveillance cameras, so the operator can monitor more cameras. Event management features are often configured with event management software programs, supported by the input/output port of a million hd webcam or video encoder and the function of smart video.

12, audio network monitoring engineering function: this is also considering you use the site to decide, if need to use millions of hd IP camera with audio function, it also have to consider is to connect the headphones or the speaker, pick-up, and so on equipment;

13. Image quality: the image quality of a million hd network camera is as important as the normal surveillance camera. In this respect, you can only use the different million hd webcams to observe the effect, and choose a more suitable multi-million hd webcam. It is recommended to test the customer with a full prototype before installation, so as to carry out the batch installation with the effect of the final customer selection;

14 remote monitoring, do pay attention to the router's series: if use multilayer routers can penetrate the function of the IPC, can need not consider the attention matters, such as only through a layer of the router, so be about to consider when making remote it.