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Monitoring Storage Knowledge To Replace The DVR NVR For The First Time?
Oct 27, 2017

DVR is the second generation monitoring system which is developed rapidly after the analog video system. Microcomputer and windows platform, using the DVR software in the computer to install video compression card and the corresponding, different types of video card can be connected road 1, 2 and 4 video and support real-time video and audio is optional solution for the realization of the digital simulation of the first generation of monitoring system upgrade.

DVR system features: video, audio signal acquisition, storage, mainly for digital form, quality is higher; system function is more powerful, perfect; and the information system can exchange data; application flexibility is better.

However, due to the limitations of its technical architecture, digital hard disk video recorder has been unable to solve the problem of long delay in the network remote monitoring environment, and can not multi-channel monitoring, centralized monitoring and other issues. Reason lies in, DVR system from monitoring points to the monitoring center for analog transmission, with the first generation systems similar to exist many defects, to realize long-distance video transmission need to lay (rent) cable, at both ends of the cable installation video optical transmitter and receiver equipment, high cost of system construction, is hard to maintain and maintenance costs are high. This system is suitable for the transformation of the traditional monitoring system, and is not suitable for the new monitoring system and the system of remote video transmission (over 1 to 2 km).

DVR market development status

In China, the development of DVR only experienced a short period of ten years, but the period but after several important changes, to complete the pupate into a butterfly, such as from 2000 to 2002, the PC based DVR and embedded DVR for the world; in 2003, from the MPEG compression algorithm transitions to MPEG-4 and H.264. In 2006, from the local video as a core equipment in the network; 2009-2010 began as mixed type, high-definition and intelligent DVR. Each of the changes, whether from analog to digital, or from the PC to the embedded system, which has an era of technological innovation, and thus promote the rapid progress of the industry.

With the expansion of the scale of the DVR market, the market of new entrants is increasing, which makes the DVR market competition is unusually fierce, product homogeneity serious. Now with the emergence of high-definition smart cameras, the traditional DVR products are facing a new challenge, many people think that IPC+NVR will soon replace DVR, although this fear is not unreasonable, but the application of IPC is a peaceful evolution, the need for a long process. Although the IPC may grow, even faster than the speed of DVR, but the number of IPC channels to more than DVR for a long time, to replace the DVR will need to take a longer road. So DVR in a certain period of time will continue to develop, but the competition will be more intense, companies need to work hard to do better than the traditional DVR, such as better quality, lower cost, better network capabilities, better stability. In addition, on this basis to do some other product form, such as mixed, HD, etc., or in the market elimination game, DVR or will face a passive situation.

NVR (network video recorder)

Starting in 2006, with the development of network technology and information technology, video surveillance industry began to enter the network era, the market for DVR network capabilities and network adaptability requirements are increasingly high, in this demand, some mainstream manufacturers have begun to pay attention to network functions, launch DVS (network video server) products, this, the industry said, DVR will usher in the era of DVS". However, due to the strong network capabilities of DVS products, it has reduced the local management and control capabilities, which is clearly unable to cover the original DVR. And DVR as a mixed product, and has never been out of the embarrassing situation of its semi digital simulation. Therefore, the video surveillance market is becoming more and more fierce, the product homogeneity is also more and more serious market in the call for the real replacement products. In the monitoring of market demand, in 2007 began to be known as the DVR NVR (NetworkVideoRecorder) concept was frequently mentioned.

NVR is an ideal replacement product for analog video recorder and hard disk recorder, which is based on the original DVR to achieve the release of Windows operating system and the computer with the stand-alone operating equipment. Due to the high integration of NVR chip technology, with advanced digital recording, storage and playback capabilities, do not need to replace and storage of video, without the need to coordinate and maintain the daily maintenance, so that the high resolution (can reach Full-D1 resolution), high quality real-time monitoring, and simple to use.

In simple terms, the traditional video, audio and control signals are digitized, and the network interface of the NVR system is transmitted on the network through the network interface on the NVR device. The system is based on the DVR network. In the application, the NVR system has the advantages of fast processing ability of computer, anti-jamming capability of digital information, easy to record, video image clear and single display multi-channel image.

IP camera to promote the rapid development of NVR

IP camera has a lot of characteristics, based on the IP network, installation, add, move the camera or storage expansion and other, easier and more convenient; secondly, IP camera at a higher resolution, can realize the electronic platform (eptz), higher frame rate, wider dynamic range, realize intelligent analysis and VQD VideoQualityDetection, satisfy the customer to the diverse needs of security monitoring. The rapid development of a series of advantages have prompted the IP camera in the security market, with echoes of NVR cut a striking figure.

NVR's market share is largely determined by the extent of the application of the IP camera. The rise of IP camera application, NVR can not be widely used, analog camera plus encoder (video server), only the use of a IP camera, to break through the bottleneck of the transmission of analog transmission, from the video source, video processing to the transmission path, so as to promote the full rise of NVR, realize the true sense of the full digital processing.

NVR is not a single product, but a system, the development of the front-end network camera spawned NVR market demand, at the same time, NVR as the core of the system, its technology is mature and can promote the wider application of IP camera, the two complement each other, and jointly promote the digital monitoring system of network.

NVR and IP camera is a pair of interdependent and mutually promote the monitoring of product form, NVR wantonly development is based on the full penetration of IP cameras, in the future, DVR will indeed face a strong challenge NVR. "Under the conditions of continuous development and technological upgrading of the network infrastructure, NVR will gradually move forward, the technology will also become mature; with the network bandwidth bottleneck and the opening of the network video encoding standards gradually resolved, as well as the gradual decline in the price of online products, will greatly **NVR market development.

NVR to replace DVR

From the comparison of the above product level, NVR does have a comprehensive replacement for the DVR. From the perspective of the market level, NVR also has a comprehensive trend to replace the DVR, the reason lies in the following three aspects:

Basic network is now more and more popular, regardless of the remote network is still being monitored by the unit's internal network is currently very popular and mature, which has a prerequisite for the deployment of network;

People to monitor the network needs become increasingly prominent, not only in the local monitoring, but also hope to be able to monitor through remote, and even through the wireless way, and these only for the network to meet the needs of users;

In the front end, the IP camera is developing very fast in recent years.