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Millions Of High-definition Webcams Are On The Rise.
Apr 17, 2018

Millions of hd IP camera recently for a bigger development opportunities, national nine ministries jointly issued a document, especially put forward the safe city, the wisdom city construction for network construction requirement of the hd camera, no dead Angle requirements throughout the country in accordance with the urban road intersection, key nodes without blind area, main roads crowded area without omission, the key parts and important place, high incidence area of cases concerning foreign affairs, public security complex place a complete coverage of the main entrances and exits, focused, step by step to promote the public security construction and application of hd video monitoring work.

After five years of development, hd webcam has become the mainstream in the current video surveillance industry equipment, through a high-definition network cameras can get more clear video monitoring and controlling of the wider perspective. Compared with the traditional analog monitoring, hd network video camera is more clear and radiated more widely. As high-definition monitor project in the field of peace around the city, road monitoring of a large number of application and popularization, police broke up case, with the aid of high-definition monitor video or image capture criminal efficiency greatly, make video monitoring role is more prominent.

Millions of hd webcam is based on the digital surveillance cameras, network transmission mode, the resolution of the real-time image and video image to at least more than 1280 * 720 (general analog camera is 704 * 576, highest and most of the time is far lower than the index). In the actual application, the resolution of the high-definition webcam is mainly 1 million, 1.3 million and 200 pixels, while the resolution of road monitoring camera can reach 5 million to 8 megapixels. From the perspective of video monitoring, the image resolution is too low or too high will directly affect the efficiency and value of the system. Because of the comprehensive consideration of construction cost, bandwidth and storage and other aspects. A high performance and high ratio of network high-definition cameras need to face the market diversification of user requirements, such as the need to have basic speech listening, voice intercom, commonly used functions such as alarm input and output, and 485 control, and can be connected to the POE module, WIFI, 3 g application, to meet various application environments. Also have the humanization setting, management, operation platform, convenient and easy to use.

A new generation of hd IP camera with optical imaging technology, intelligent analysis technology, network transmission technology brings new change and so on, over the past few years have made a new breakthrough in technical, it profoundly affects monitoring technology, will profoundly change the way we live. Such as face recognition technology combined with hd greatly improves the value of monitoring system. Face recognition technology, can help users the most direct extract useful information from video footage, let monitoring system is no longer just a simple display and store the image, but also take the initiative to recognize people and objects.

As the country's support for security industry, the continuous development of video surveillance industry application, safe city project of the construction of the concrete implementation, believe in the near future, intelligent hd IP camera will be applied on a large scale, city project construction. The mega - hd network camera market will also usher in a bigger development opportunity!